Are you submissive to your psychiatrist?

I’m not, I have respect for them but I use them like a device to do what I want, they prescribe meds that I want for me and I adjust the dosage though I have an eye on their offer cause they want to work with their theories and I’m a person who is pragmatic, If I wasn’t acted like a adventurous person for myself I have been killed myself because of the own illness or side effects of meds, what about you? do you decide for yourself or are just submissive to your psychiatrist?

Most of the time i decide myself, but sometimes my pdoc, gets angry and convinced me that his method is better. Before i was totally believing in him, and now i suffer from neurological damage.

I think it depends on where I’m at.

There have been periods where I was very submissive and passive. I was deep in my head and in a full negative symptom, unshifting apathy and emptiness.

I just gave up and was very submissive. I was a lump, sitting there as his words just washed over me like ocean waves. My parents advocated a lot on my behalf back then. I just did what I was told.

As I’ve gotten stronger and more self-preserving, I’ve gotten into more of a partnership with my doc.

Now I do sit up and say… with all due respect, I think I have an eye problem… I just can’t see myself doing what you suggest. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously as I have gotten stronger, it has been more of a team effort keeping me on track. I got a boost of respect for him when I was crumbling a few months ago and I suggested what I wanted to do as far as my meds and he did say that was probably for the best. He took my request seriously. I appreciated that.

Plus, my doc is respectful of my family. Since they are my crisis team, it help that it’s not just him talking and me absorbing the sound of his voice. It’s a group conversation sometimes and I have input.

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Nowadays i am quite docile. It wasn’t always like that, i fought my corner more but the years of being told ’ you’re awkward/demanding/troublesome’ took their toll…

I’m really docile. But I’m also working with a good doc. I don’t see the point in fighting with a doctor. Although in the end you know what’s best for you they have hundreds of anecdotes and thousands of studies.
I think when a doctor doesn’t work and refuses to listen, you don’t argue, you leave.

I have always taken my meds as prescribed but at the same time it takes a long time to realize they are providing the service, not the other way around. I only ever fired one, most of them have been helpful. desimb

With my last doctor, I may have been too messed up to leave her or I would have. besides she kind of put a spell on me with her beauty, she was very pretty :princess:

@desimb @onceapoet, the problem is that it takes a long time for docs to switch to another med and you must go trough pain and agony and another problem is that they have favourite meds which they are prejudiced about them and insist on them while another med can be better for you…comment: I’m very sensitive to meds, I gain benefits of a med just after maximum 1 hour after taking first dosage so I know which med is going to work and which is not albeit I must say that it takes time for side effects to show themselves)

[quote=“onceapoet, post:5, topic:4424, full:true”] I think when a doctor doesn’t work and refuses to listen, you don’t argue, you leave.

I’ve done that when my pdoc kept misinterpreting everything I said as a suicidal threat. Needless to say It just kept getting more tangled the more I talked. So I did walk out and drive home. 4 policemen/woman arrived minutes later and kicked in my door, drew guns on me, pulled me to the ground, knees in my back, handcuffed me and off to the psych hospital
I went. You’d think I learned to avoid the pdoc, but this happened a few more times-although no door kicked in or guns drawn.

That’s terrible! I’m SO SORRY that happened to you. I went through a similar situation with my therapist, who called the cops on me. They showed up at my door, weapons drawn. Handcuffed me, took me to the psych hospital. Plus, they confiscated my sword collection that was displayed on my wall.

I think docs and therapists have good intentions, but they’re just kind of ignorant to the terrible consequences that their actions have.



I have a great relationship with my psychiatrist. I’ve been seeing him for 5 years now, so we know each other well. He knows that I’m a nurse who knows a lot about psychiatry and pharmacology. So we have great discussions about my treatment. He always seeks my input and opinion. And he always listens to my explanations of my symptoms and responses to current med regimen.

I had one psych before him who never respected me or listened to me. She completely dominated our discussions and my treatment. At the time, I had no choice, because I hadn’t yet received Medicare and she was part of a charity psych care center. But as soon as I got Medicare, I left her ASAP.

I’m much happier now. And I’m very thankful for having such a great doctor!



I’m glad you finally got a keeper pdoc.
I lost my medical insurance Feb 1st this year due to high cost-I got dropped when my ex went on a cheaper plan, leaving me no choice but to go to the local urgent care clinic. For all it’s worth I wish I still had access to pdocs and I do miss (some) of my meds.

My doc works with me. I even thought of doses of drugs to try and when and how much of what to take and he let me go with it because Im educated in what im consuming, I am a psych major concentrating in behavioral neuroscience, and among the classes ive taken are honors drug and alcohol behavior (I know what my meds do) and honors abnormal psychology (I know about symptoms and how theyre treated). He knows Im intelligent and highly functioning and trusts me to know what is best for me. I showed a true desire to recover and fully function, he knows I dont use him to get high (xanax is one of meds, its a narcotic controlled substance) and he can see that I workout and am not lazy and sitting around all day.

Basically, he knows what I do, I am an honors student on a full scholarship and a powerlifter. Whatever it takes to go from schizo to that is cool with him.

I used to call him all of the time when i was trying new meds and different doses, sometimes to report side effects and efficacy, sometimes when I was having an episode and needed professional instruction. That happened a few times, he was like “take the 80mg so and so NOW” or like the time I was writing a paper and freaked out and he was like “Have you ever taken a minor tranquilizer? No? good, im writing you a script for xanax, should be ready in 30 mins”

Basically no, ive never been told what to do without me knowing exactly what is going on (im educated about psychiatry) and agreeing to it and he also gives me freedom to try what works. Like I take xanax twice a day in order to keep from being a xanny junkie, he writes me for 3x a day in case I ever need it (3x is recommended)

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I just go in and ■■■■■■■■ and get my prescription, because if i don’t take my prescription bad things happen.

Thats the extent of our relationship, it consists of about five minutes of nothing and i just get my prescription again.

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i am just honest which at the moment doesn’t bother my shrink,
but it is scaring the crap out of the psychologist !
take care

My doctor now is pretty “with it”. The first medicine he gave me worked long and well, but when it started to fall apart he got me right in and had a plan all laid out.

this is not gonna work @pansdisease, you must be aware of effects and side effects of what you consume cause by doing so your pdoc can change dosage or med itself and by doing so takes you to an higher state of mental health, you can reach to a near complete healthy with the right med while can going down with the wrong med so try to be active when visiting tour pdoc and while consuming a drug. don’t be disappointed of meds and yourself.

@Csummersx @redmedtech sorry to hear that, It’s a totally wrong action even with a really suicidal person, suicidal persons are not dangerous to be handcuffed or other things you mentioned and we must see if your pdoc was really worry about your situation or just wanted to show you who is in power and to take his or her revenge for your disrespect.

I think its important to try different doses of different meds…i have quite a collection of prescriptions that didnt work…I think communicating frequently, specifically calling your psychiatrist to report your symptoms and side effects is key to recovery. Mine was happy to hold my hand as I was trying out new meds, he would call me back in two hours and then adjust my dose or something like that. Timing is very important with my meds- Geodon in particular is short acting and must be taken twice a day in order to work most effectively. I had to try a big evening dose (slept for 12 hours), 3 doses during the day (that was not fun, felt doped up and was pretty sedated) and also 2 doses, morning and night. Turns out the drug is Geodon and the dose is 60mg morning and night, with a full meal or it just gets pissed out. Latuda made me crazier than before, and I didnt even take Abilify after reading about it. (Dopamine agonist, known to backfire and make psychosis worse, but works for some people). I asked for thorazine at first because I was literally raging mad, i couldnt hold still and was exercising excessively all day and drinking myself to sleep, but he was like “thorazine will lobotomize you”

My doctor is zero bull.

Its a pain trying to find the right meds at the right doses, but its the best thing we can do for ourselves and step number one towards a full recovery.

Been through all of that already.

Now he wants to change the pill that kills me and give me another pill that kills me.

So, im gonna change meds and get sick from pills that kill me.

See what i mean, i just go in and ■■■■■■■■ and get the hell outta there.