Are you nervous of extended familu

Im getting nervous with thoughts of Christmas coming up…extended family make me nervous socially

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Mine used to make me really nervous, because they were very uncomfortable with the whole mental illness thing, and preferred ignoring it. I helped them get over it by talking openly and frequently about my struggles and accomplishments. Now they are less frightened of imperfections.

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does adderall help with this being nervous socially. What does it do

Totally. I hate family gatherings. It probably doesn’t have much to do with them, but with my own feeling of inferiority. Although…they can get very annoying. Specially when they start asking questions.


Yeah, extended family make me nervous too.

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Hey hows your cousin doing? The one with god and diabetes?

Not to hijack the thread, I get along fine with my family but don’t feel like I have anything in common with them also.

She still writes and talks about it, but I didn’t get to see her from then.
I spoke with her mother twice, and said that I’m concerned, and ‘surprisingly’ she thinks that her daughter is extraordinary intelligent and special and see nothing wrong with her. I’m just wondering how long will it take until the breakdown. When her God betrays her or whatever.

Oh man, that can take awhile… To bad her mother is not wanting to see the truth. Is there anyone else you can talk to about this that might help? You probably thought about that already, sorry if I’m being nosy.

Well to admit…I have a lot of problems on my own, and two of them are pretty much socially isolated you know…And its hard to confront someone who claims that “professor XY” or “XY friend” agrees with her and/or support her.
My family is weird.

Yeah I get that. You don’t have to do anything, if it’s not in your power to help.
I just thought it’s sad really. There is this friend of mine who has a friend with a similar psychosis to mine and didn’t get any help, refused help. She’s still around but hardcore social isolation because nobody understands her or believes her. It’s sad when it goes untreated.
Good luck, take care

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It is sad to see what denying and unaware parents can do to children.

How old is she? Might happen that she figures out on her own that she can’t develop a cure.

No way. Unfortunately, I think that’s not going to happen.
She is twenty. Just two years younger than me but sounds like she’s stuck in puberty.

Yeah, that sucks. Not that maturity influences psychosis, I was so childish during psychosis :expressionless:

Only person who truly gets me in my family is my cousin Danny who’s been in rehab for 2 years now. Haven’t seen him for 3 years. My cousin Pam is nice. I think she grew up with the coke wave of the eighties. She’s a partyer but I like her. She’s friendly. My whole families from the Bronx so there’s a culture difference for sure. I’m half Jewish. The whole Jewish side is deceased then my moms side is like guidos and guidettes, to some extent at least lol

I think when you mix religion with ■■■■■■ up parents ( one parent in this case) and a bit of social awkwardness… A perfect receipt for madness :smirk:

Well yeah, but not all cases are like that. My close family isn’t religious and I had a religious psychosis… But I thought I was god, its different than thinking you are talking to god or hearing god. I don’ get where the religious beliefs came from, probably from thinking too much about what is reality and all that

That’s me too. We are also taught acceptance more than people who are one religion/heritage. I’m 3/8 Italian 1/4 Russian 1/8 polish and Latvian 1/16 Irish and Scottish. Catholic and Jewish (neither I identify with), never been able to identify with any religion or heritage being the mutt I am. Sucks we live in a world that doesn’t open up to outsiders because I’m an outsider everywhere I go…except IOP, I feel welcome there


Collective identity…gives you a shelter.

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Yeah you’re right but that pisses me off :smile: I feel I should be able to have a more original psychosis you know? I’m no sheep. Ahah

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