I can’t find the reason why

Why I am always very nervous around family gathering and have a negative feeling everytime we are suppose to dine together.

I hope I don’t do as badly if I were to suppose to dine with my partners family someday


I also have that ■■■■ feeling when I got to go to family events


Do you think Is because of bad past experience or we aren’t well liked by our family?

It’s because of this brain cancer called sz… :frowning:

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I know how u feel…im nervous around extended family…

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So everyone with SZ felt this way around family gathering?you sure?

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I don’t know if everyone does, but many do and many said here that Christmas was bad for them.

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I am so sad to hear that.would actually prefer it’s my personal problem rather than the illness so that lesser people suffer

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I enjoy being around people more nowadays than before the illness. I used to be very studious but now I can’t study much so it is a lot of going out all day just to not be lonely. I understand social withdrawal though since I have performance anxiety and get irrational fear when asked to go back to work.

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