I'm counting down the days until Christmas next year

I love the holidays, I can hardly wait.


I get sad thinking about next year. Since we don’t live near family, and definitely can’t afford to visit every year, it’ll be just us. And it’ll be so lonely, especially compared to this year.

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Awe. Together we make our worlds as I say and that isn’t a bad thing.

I have a great family and plenty of emotional support but I offer that on this website. I know it’s a poor substitute but It’s meant kindly.

Do what you need to get by and have some fun this Xmas. Do something different that brings you joy. Take some time out of the day to do something you like.

We all deserve some kindness come Xmas even if we need to seek that out ourselves. Big hugs…


Counting down the days until I’m done with in-laws for another few months. Vile and cursed creatures.


Im excited time spend Christmas with family for the first time in years but I’m also scared of being socially awkward,uncomfortable and suffering or if anyone suppressed me n is bad to me.

So mixed feelings.

I won’t stay that long.

I love them but worry about some of them n will be lots of people which can be difficult for me.

For new year I will just stay home n drink non alcoholic cider.
Maybe watched fireworks with my mum n dog from the balcony.

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I spend my Xmas alone, I make a couple of phone calls, I just bought my Xmas food. I can not ride my bicycle because the bicycle paths are frozen but I have been walking around. It is nice when there is snow and it is quiet. I’ll be following these environmental matters. It appears that more and more people are interested in climate change.

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How are you going @LED? , you sound like you’re having a really hard time. Thinking of you…

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