Are you liberal minded?

I sure am… Trudeau 2015!

Middle. I’m a free spirit though.

I’m militantly middle of the road.

I was going to say no, but thinking about it, it’s more middle if he road too.

As long as you don’t screw with me I won’t screw you,I don’t know what that makes.

I honestly don’t know. It depends on my mood. I’m definitely not a social justice warrior though.

take care :alien:

Not since the inmates took over the asylum in about 1976. Politics are the chess piece (as opposed to player) level is for the same fudds who watch TV hour after hour. American politics began to go completely goofy when the state party & primary systems gained traction in the '60s. Now we have nothing but well-financed extremists in both parties feeding us the most blatant b------t any college student who got a C- in Critical Thinking can see through.

Yeah, in many ways.

i kind of have my own views that go outside the ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ paradigm. if i were to support either one over another id support conservative though.

As long as people pay their taxes and don’t hurt others intentionally then I don’t care what they do. So, yes.

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I was more liberal minded in my 20s and 30s - I am more mIddle of the Road - I am not conservative thats for sure.