Liberals win yay

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I prefer the term Progressive, but yes liberals FTW!

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And the Western separatist movement just got rebooted.


Oh yeah you are ‘progressive’ until you herd up THEN you become 'liberal’and from there everything goes downhill.

I am very eclectic in my politics, and I am not too afraid of ostensible contradiction. It is an axiom of philosophy that when one reaches a contradiction one must make a distinction.

Before you know it theres pets wearing clothes and karaoke all over the place …when is it going to stop?

WTF? That’s such a pussy thing for conservatives to do, conservatives are such sore losers

I’m a pragmatist. Pragmatists have a plan B. Need to safeguard my income and my property, which is now at much more risk.


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Here’s something conservatives can do in the future if they ever want a chance of winning again:

  1. Stop cheating
  2. Stop lying
  3. Stop stealing
  4. Stop fear mongering
  5. Stop the secrecy
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You mean Joe Biden decided to enter the race? :wink:

We’re talking about the Canadian election NOT the US

Oh ok. Nevermind then.

OK everyone - we try to keep divisive discussions like religion and politics out of these forums. Lets focus on what unites us, not things that some people disagree on.

A new political party looks like it is taking over running Canada - we’ll see how they do compared to the last one.