Are you invited to Christmas parties

Our local association for mentally ill is organizing a Christmas party later in this year, I think I go to this party.


My psychologist always encouraged me to go to all of the meetings of “ex patients”. They were done like once a month and it included christmas parties and whatnot. I declined her offers. Mainly because i have too much of bad memories from that hospital and the people there. It may be a fun time actually to meet fellow sufferers, they understand you alot better than normal people :).

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Yes at support group that I go to. It’s nice to gather together once in awhile to have refreshments and snack on good food.

I’m already terrified!!!

I went to a few Christmas parties while attending the day centre and going to the drop in. I also went with my befriender for the Christmas dinner for those of us who attended the drop in.
That’s all gone now. I have no friends so no chance of getting any Christmas invites.

I’ve never known anybody who has christmas parties

I’ve always been more of the “its tuesday but I don’t have work tomorrow party” kinda guy

Im nervous of thinking of going to Christmas parties, my sister has a bash every Christmas day. Im nervous meeting extended family. What will I talk about…that’s the problem plus I feel no urge to talk.