Lack of motivation to socialize

I am invited to a Christmas party near my house,it’s at a church but I do not have the “good” feeling about socializing at the Christmas party…I was thinking about all the bad thing that might happen like I am all alone or isolating myself in the party and not join people,getting awkward is one main reason that I don’t wanna go to the party

About the awkwardness, I tell you for sure that its mostly in our mind…I mean as we do not like to be there so we think that probably everyone can find it from our face but most of the time even if it’s quite clear people don’t notice. They are mostly busy with their own stuff.

Don’t push yourself to go there but if your auntie wants you to go with your cousin and your cousin is understanding, discuss your thoughts with him/her. If you do not go to Christmas party, what are your plans for the day?

I have got work to go to,Christmas party gives me a chance to socialize and I had never been to a party before,but I get very anxious around people,I admit I will grow old alone,and I had come to accept part of these already

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You are not alone…There are many people who prefer solitude. It’s not a bad thing. Bad is when someone criticizes someone for this.

I think it’s better to be alone than being with the friends who make you feel alone…I think there is some quote as well like this. Anyway, don’t be anxious. You are just fine. You should spend your time in a good way and the way that you like. If your happiness is in solitude, go for it. Many philosophers and great thinkers prefer solitude. Who knows if we are having a future philosopher or thinker among us…:slight_smile:


Maybe you can try to go anyway.
If it feels bad, then you can always say you are not
feeling well and leave. You might have some fun!**


I shake when im by my self for 5 hours