Going to a Christmas party later on

I am a little anxious now,because I will be going to the Christmas party later on,hopefully I can know some people and have some fun…


Hey…That’s great to know that you are going to the Christmas party…Are you going with your cousin?

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine…I know that :slight_smile: Just remember, you can excuse any time when you’d feel uncomfortable. I’d like to know about the party when you’d finish…Stay in touch and have a great time, man. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for your wishes,will try my best to stay in the party and also not stand out in a bad manner and stay humble

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Good luck mobc you’ll be fine!

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I think I will not be going lol…

Made me sad for awhile but then if you are happy, no need to be sad…:slight_smile:

By the way, why did you drop the idea? Just didn’t feel like going or something else turned up?

Parties can be fun, I started my Christmas day by watching and listening an international concert of Amy Macdonald with The German Philharmonic Orchestra :smile:

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Nono,I think I would be going in the end,I told my auntie I would be there,so I must turn up…

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my throat is killing me but sweep and i went for a walk through the park,

hope i can enjoy christmas dinner, my throat is very sore though :frowning:

hope it goes well for you too :thumbsup:

Guys I end up not going and choose to work,I wasn’t feeling well…

That’s alright man do what you can!

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IM in the same boat…have to go to my brother in laws house and have dinner with the in laws. Feeling anxious.

I am never invited to any parties as it has been for many years, so Mobc1990 take your opportunity and go to the party, might be fun for you.

How did the party go?

I didn’t went to the party,I stay at work instead…there are pros and cons of my choice