Long years illness

Scz it is illness that last many many years
I been ill for 9.5 years
I saw alot of doctors
Some are good some are bad some may be~~
I always feel as i am in bad reality i dont want hear someone is dying
I feel as if someone killed him remotly
I feel that someone is going to kill my parents or my doctor he is already old enough
I want to recover i want to be voices free
Voices always anticipate about death of people
I dont know if they kill them or just anticipation

I don’t believe your voices are going to kill anyone. Are they telling you to kill anyone?

I feel they kill some of people around me or people i know

They don’t because they can’t. They have no power.


Sometime peoole die after they say they will die :cry::cry::cry:

Yes. But that doesn’t mean you or your voices killed them.

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