Are you afraid of death? If so, how much?


Are you afraid of death? If so, how much?


I came very very close to getting through the final exit door.

I don’t WANT to die now. But I don’t think I’m afraid of me dying.

But there are other people in my life… and the though of their death upsets me greatly.


yes Absolutely terrified like any sane person LOL


I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of pain.


not at all afraid of death. far more afraid of “life”.


Truthfulluy No Im not. But who knows faced, with the end it could be another story. But today Im not afraid. Used to be though. And Im an atheist. I see something meaningful in the struggle to live and in terms of death, how theres no escape from it and it applies to everybody , there is sense of fairness about the whole process. That said some die better than others. But we are very lucky most die in hospital , with pain killing medication and just drift off.

and the majority, I’d venture to you, when it comes time , the body and mind is rather beaten , old age , disease , etc and they dont really mind.


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why are you asking that?


I have mixed feelings about it. I am weary of life and would be glad to be out of it. Sometimes when I feel a chest pain I hope a massive heart attack is on the way. Sometimes I wish I could get prostate cancer, even though that would be painful. On the other hand, I have things I want to do, and I need time to do them.


I am afraid of dying because i doupt spirit exist… Damn to the science, science gives us to doupt if there is life after death or not. Hopefully one day i will believe for shure that there is life after death and i will happely wait for my time to come.


no…death is afraid of me…
" run death run…!?! "
take care :alien: and darth bunny :rabbit:


Not much - I’m not attached to life. I too am afraid of pain + the idea that it’s final. I’m curious about what I might - might not experience on the point of leaving.


daydreamer why are you asking why hes asking this?


@dandydinmot, why are you asking @Daydreamer why he’s asking @Apoptosis why he’s asking this?

I’m afraid of death. I know it’s coming eventually for everyone and I accept that. I just don’t want to go.


I don’t think that I am afraid of death, but I probably won’t know if I am truly afraid or not until death knocks on my door.



I am afraid of getting murdered. Its a death unprepared for and unanticipated. I would rather die of old age. Hopefully i’ll die peacefully in my sleep. Had voices threaten me that their going to kill me. Don’t want it to end like that. U feel sad about the people you leave behind. Also don’t wish death upon family members and friends.


i am not afraid of death at all