Are you a Hoarder?

I am, my place looks like a mix between Fred Sanford’s and an episode of TVs Hoarders. I don’t let real garbage accumulate. But i like to collect things. I can walk through most of it, i should throw a lot of it away, i just hate to because i might find a use for it someday
Is hoarding part of being sz, or is it a separate disorder ? Come on @notmoses do you know the answer to this one? Or does anybody?

I love throwing things away. I want the bare minimum around me. If I haven’t touched it in 3 months, it’s trash.

Technically a separate dx, but very often seen in combo with sz. The preponderant theory is that hording is seen by the sz mind to be a source of compensatory security and empowerment for those who see themselves as intolerably insecure and powerless. Make sense?

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I don’t think that hoarding is specific to schizophrenia. I have schizophrenia and I don’t hoard stuff but my dad has like tons of junk from garage sales stacked up around the house and hes very sensitive about me touching any of it even though its just junk that has pile up over his lifetime. Supposedly one day he intends to sell the stuff on ebay but hes been hoarding it for like 3 decades and I doubt that day will ever come.

Hoarding is OCD if I am not mistaken. Magical thinking, thinking that there is significance to items or that the items will be useful at some point later on.

I hoard psych articles because I actually do need them, so its not really hoarding.

I like to put it this way, If you needed a nail really badly for to nail something and you didn’t have one how would you go about making one if there wasn’t a store for many many miles on foot and you didn’t have a penny anyway to buy one with. You would start to understand how we see value in these things that are perfectly good for what they are meant to be and also what ever you can make good use of those things that we just can’t make without a factory or metal smelting facility or nail molds and the people and engineers that go into manufacturing that one nail that you threw out a while back because there are just millions of nails already made and are just lying around waiting for to be used for something instead of just being thrown away as garbage. Hoarders, on the other hand can not even get rid of old candy wrappers and the like. Well… can any of you make a nail?

Yes, thanks, and that describes me to a T :blush:

Used to be a big one actually. Got better with it. Would save shirts because they were too nice

I have to fight being a hoarder… it’s hard for me to let things go. I have help from my family with a twice a year clear out… other wise there would be no room in my place for me.

I try not to hoard… but after having nothing when I was homeless… having anything is hard to let go of.

Never been a hoarder really.

I don’t think they should call that show hoarders either, i thought hoarding was wanting to own it all or use it all yourself, hoarding the joint so to speak.

If you haven’t used it within the last year, throw it out. Be careful of using ‘but it has sentimental value’ as an excuse to keep it.