Hoarding 15

I know hoarding is common among people of my personality disorder (schizoids), but is common with just plain schizophrenics? I’m asking because my room is becoming full to the brim with stuff not garbage just stuff I’ve accumulated over the years and the stuff is starting to bleed out into my living room

That’s a simple question with probably a really complicated answer. I could see things like delusions causing people to hoard. Or maybe paranoia for example that anything with the person’s name written on it they feel they need to hoard so someone doesn’t steal their identity. Though I’ve also seen some really out there examples like in the movie Angel Baby where the woman thought people could control her if they got her blood. I could easily see that applying to other objects. Or maybe even bad planning where they just keep accumulating stuff and don’t stop to think they need to throw out some things.

I can’t stand being in posession of a lot of stuff. I have clothing for a week, a fridge, a tv, my bed and a laptop in my room. The other stuff belong to the landlord. When I was very ill I got rid of almost everything. I gave stuff away. Expensive stuff e.g. power tools I just gave away cause I could not stand to have ownership of anything. I think it is almost something like social isolation…idk

I learned from an early age only to have things I need to do things I do normally and not to want anything else, probably because I’ve been poor my whole life. LOL

I collected stuff my entire life. Sometimes the things had no monetary value - but I liked them.
So I collected them anyway.
I had a room that was supposed to be entirely mine, and I put everything in there I collected and wanted to keep.
There was no hazard of any kind, no fire, safety, problem spilling out the always locked and closed door.
I was very happy.

Someone, without my consent, started taking all my items that I paid for myself, and distributed them to their family and friends.
Office supplies, pens, pencils, staplers, erasers, notebooks, color pencils sets, etc.
Craft supplies, travel mementos, collectible coins, stamps.
Household items such as broom and dustpans, kitchen towels, bed spreads, shop towels, cleaning supplies, toothbrushes, utensils and my entire file system- x3.

No one would admit it, nor talk about it, nor acknowledge it was occurring, discrediting me with the psycho label if I tried to get answers.
7 years.
7 long years it went on.
By this time I started gathering anything and everything I could find, and stashing it away for safe keeping, or as a decoy for them to keep focus off other stuff.
It got ridiculous, but they persisted, and I insisted it needed to stop.

One day the grip broke, things relaxed, and slowly some things made their way back…broken and in bits, but back.

I know why somethings pile up and can’t be thrown away.
It’s not anything to want, misery is higher than items.

No one has the right to enter another persons home and decide what they should keep.
It makes people hard to live with, and very bitter.

Hoarding is serious. I’m not sure off the top of my head about it going along with schizophrenia, I don’t remember reading anything about that, but a general rule of thumb is that we often have other disorders in addition to schizophrenia.

Some hoarding is benign and a little funny, like me and my hoarding of books and articles, but when it’s overflowing your home and making it hard to walk in, that’s when you need to take it from an online support group to a licensed psychologist.

My mother is a hoarder and living in that house growing up I have the opposite problem. I cannot keep things. I have nothing for sentimental value alone. I keep only functional items. I donate things all the time that I feel like I’m not using, or not using enough to be worth keeping. Sometimes to my own detriment. It’s kind of annoying and I wish I had more stuff sometimes, but I’d rather live like this than like my mother.

If you haven’t used it in a year, throw it out. That’s my general rule.

Dude I have the 5 year rule instead of the 5 second rule. If it falls on the floor and is picked up before 5 years, it’s safe to eat.


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All observed to work well for obsessive hoarding.