Is not showering hoarder mentality?

Is hoarding common among sz people?

I haven’t showered in days and I’m wondering this

I don’t know about hoarders, but I only shower like 3 times a week and I’m sza.

I used to be borderline hoarder material.
I would not throw out things, and I’d have boxes of weird things like torn up pieces of paper, or sheets of paper from a school I went to years before that “just in case I need them”.

After I got my dx and found the right meds, I slowly started getting better at cleaning. And after my friend pushed me to stick to a weekly schedule, cleaning up no longer bothers me like it used to.

I feel really separated from reality when I’m showering. The noise of the shower and the separation from what’s going on around me is triggering. The bath is slightly less triggering, but I still feel vulnerable and cut off from what’s going on. If you think about it going into a tiny room with a loud fan and noisy running water, away from the windows and doors and phone leaves you cut off and a sitting duck. To me it takes a huge leap of faith every time I have to do it. To me it’s probably more related to paranoia then anything else.

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Does not showering count as hoardering?
Hoardering what, bugs?


Not per se: Not showering is not the same thing as hoarding, unless it is a symptom of a larger maladaptive situation like OCD of which hoarding is associated.

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all i know is i had IMMENSE energy before meds and never minded to shower. now I’m slightly more lazy because these meds tranquilize my nervous system, but wellbutrin puts me into gear about 50% more

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