Are we allowed to request Our injections into shoulder?

Or another body part besides the glutamas?

I got my injection today and i feel i need it somewhere else.

I get mine on the shoulders. Ask your nurse.

You can always request, you have the right to ask. IME with some injections, they will insist on the hip/butt muscle because it is a very large muscle, and some injections need a large muscle to absorb them. I’m a bit bashful and did not want my depo provera shot in my hip/butt, but that is what the nurse explained to me back then, that it’s a large muscle and will absorb better plus be less painful for some types of injections (as in what is being injected). So if they insist on giving it to you in that hip/butt area, it’s not because they are trying to make you uncomfortable. If you are bashful, they should provide with your a sheet that you can wrap around yourself so that you are only exposing a square of skin for the injection and not your whole booty.

Im sure they will suggest to say a yes possibly, cause i have a pretty big male butt.

Oh i didnt see miniis reply

Well you have the right to ask, and to have it explained to you why they have to give a shot in a certain area (if they do).

Yeah yeah right.