Where Do You Get Your Injections?

I get mine in the hip and have narrowing of the bones and the pain in my hip is bad enough without adding to it.

My arm has three torn tendons and both have arthritis so it hurts there to. any Ideas?

In the butt. Different cheek each fortnight.


In my ear lobes

In the upper outer quadrant of my hip. I choose the side every other week, according to my whim. An R.N. comes to my apartment every two weeks to give me my shot.

On my Right arm.

In the arm, near shoulder.

When I do my monthly blood tests I get the blood drawn from my left hand. Can you get an injection in the hand? I’d do it there if I could because it’s not so sensitive.

Between the hip and cheek (buttcheek that is) where there is more blubber to take the sting out of it.

These AP injections seem to hurt least in the hip (butt). The muscles are largest there so the shots don’t hurt as much there.

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You can ask to have a pre shot novocaine injection to dull the pain.

I had my first shot-in-the-butt today and man I feel great! No problem walking or sitting. Compare this to the first 2 injections into my right arm–couldn’t lift my arm for 2 days, 3rd day hurt terribly. I can still feel the injection spot on my arm from a month ago!

As the nurse put it as she coaxed me to change injection locations: more cush in the tush.

I just undid my pants a little, didn’t have to get naked or anything. It was so fast, no burning on the way in like in the arm, either!

My spot is lower than the hip it’s like my right buttocks cheek

Aristada injection had to be in the hip/arse, due to the large volume of fluid. I’m on Abilify Maintena now, which I get in my arm.

I have hip issues so the gave it to me lower in the butt, sore to sit on though, but did not seem to bother my hip

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butt, the left buttock to be precise :wink:

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injections in alternating shoulders.

I Like every poster who gets it in the butt.
I always wanted it there,
but male nurse.

lol lol just kidding…