Injection much better in the arse cheek

No pain or discomfort. I think my deltoid muscle is gone as it’s just too painful there. Hopefully my arse cheek muscles don’t become painful after repeated stabbings.


i prefer in the bum also. in the arm it hurts more i think.

The trick is to get the injection in someone else’s tushie.Doesn’t hurt at all that way.


They injected me the ”new way” and it hurts like hell

You are right! Injections in the arm are just tooooooo painful. Especially for some women who have small arms.

I received my AP depot injections in my hip for years because arm injections hurt too much. Sometimes the shots in the hip hurt as well but not often.

I’ve recently switched to all oral AP medicines.@bobbilly

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I’ve had in both. I do remember the butt shot still hurting though

Nothing compared to how bad my last arm shot hurt though. Felt like i strained my bicep

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Are you a really big man? Meaning fat? If not, you might ask the nurses to try using a smaller needle. Ask the nurses to run the idea by your pdoc. The worst they can do is say no. @Bagul1

I h8 needles with a passion. Will take any number of pills if it means avoiding the shot (bum, shoulder or elsewhere).

Even when I was fit, and I was at my fittest, when I was getting inpatient care…the butt injections to counter act severe neck twinging, really wasn’t all that bad.

I have had it there since 2009. Sometimes it hurts a bit for a minute or two after it’s done. Standard practice is left then right left then right cheek or vice versa.

In the butt cheek? Mine was always in the hip above the cheek.


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