Are there drug lovers out there for risperidal or invega

what kind of person likes taking risperidal or invega

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i dont think anyone ‘likes’ taking these drugs but much more are forced to take them because of their illness. yes they are horrible and yes one is better off without them but you have to take em unless you want to become a fullblown psycho again.

Angry much? People take meds because they want a semblance of normality outside the usual sh1t that destroys lives , families , etc.

Maybe you could try another drug?

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I like risperdal. It sedates me and relaxes me. I don’t like the side effects like lack of motivation and weight gain though.

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I think with all these drugs there’s a trade off. With me it seems to be lowered positive type symptoms v at best negative ones that haven’t got better or worse and at worse have increased.
I can certainly see why some people choose to reject drugs like risperdal. If I had a say as to what drugs I could take I’d probably ask to try abilify maintena (long acting olanzapine is out of the question due to not meeting the requirements).

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I dont like meds for psychosis since they are lethal to me. Im super sensitive to these drugs and can only tolerate the lowest dosages. For me they are pure poison that I need to avoid completely. I see psychiatrists as people intentionally harming me. Its not paranoia, its proved by the following conditions caused by AP’s:

  • anorgasmia
  • sexual anhedonia
  • memory loss
  • Poor balance
  • Postural tachycardia syndrome(heart disease)
  • elevated liver enzymes

add to these a number of temporary conditions that could have been fatal

These conditions seems mostly permanent. I have already filed for mistreatment. People who can tolerate meds, believe the lie, that they are more insightfull in their condition, when the vast majority of non obliging patients, merely experience devastating side effects, albeit not as bad as myself.


I don’t like taking Risperdal, but I kind of don’t have much of a choice.

It has lots of side effects but keeps me sane.

I do Invega.

It does me, though.

I appreciate invega, it has done wonders to me.

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I don’t like taking risperdal but I realized that it comes down to horrible akathisia vs weight gain when you take the meds and risperdal has both but a level amount just enough so it’s tolerable. Lots of weight gain but until they make something that works as well as latuda but without all the akathisia I’ll stick with the lesser of two evils

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