AP's side-effects - What helps you against akathisia (EPS, restlessness, drowsiness), heart palpitations (QT-interval), Tremor (Parkisonism)

Latuda is the first anti-psychotic that has been able to almost demolish all my positive symptoms without zombifying me and/or my personality. Though, I can’t up my dosage to 74mg (which is the most effective dosage) without experiencing those horrible side-effects. Even worse I can’t even tolerate the lowest dosage of 37mg without cutting it in half and take it two times daily.

Because of these adverse effects and low dosage I still experience positive symptoms. So my question is, what do you guys take next to AP’s for those adverse effects? I know it has been asked many more times so I already made a list of drugs that can counter this but I thought the more drugs I know about the more choice I have to research/take to tolerate this interesting chemical.

For Akathisia or heart palpitations I don’t know beacause the first I changed meds to cope with it and the second I never had it. As for the Tremors, I take Propranolol

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propranolol works also for palpitations, and anxiety

Benzos for anxiety.

Ice for akithesia. Propranolol for performance anxiety. Slow, deep breathing for generalized anxiety.

In the UK we get procyclidine for the akathisia


If it works, tell your pdoc to turn the U.S. docs. on to it.

I take 80mg of propranolol extended release every morning and 1mg xanax once every 6-8 hours. Akathisia is still here but not as severe.

I’m on 120mg Geodon which is quite similar DOSAGE wise to Latuda.

Latuda can be taken in up to a recommended dose of 160mg but some pdocs go up to 240mg. I know a guy on 240mg of Geodon.

Latuda gave me terrible akathisia and did not help my symptoms. It was like…it just made things worse. But, it’s known by consumer (uh…us) as an “activating” drug- it helps more often than not with both positive and negative symptoms. Just don’t expect a miracle pill for negative symptoms- they’re much harder to treat, and to be really ■■■■■■■ honest, self medication with caffeine and nicotine is the best aid for negative symptoms. I would know. I drank two monster energy drinks this afternoon before hitting the gym (hitting it really hard, I might add, I’m very uh jacked) and I used to smoke a pack a day. I am on the 7mg nicotine patch and take it off before bed, which means Im getting like 4mg of nicotine from it a day. A pack of smokes is 20mg of nicotine.

Good luck and ask for the mouse special, a heavy ass major tranquilizer and some happy pills and a make-normies-faint pill

wait that was inappropriate. Ask them for a benzodiazapine and a beta blocker to treat your parkinsonian side effects which are “intolerably severe” and uh if you are kicking or tensing or just pulsing in your legs, you have akathisia, congrats.

It sucks. It’s very hard to eradicate. I suggest you do NOT TAKE A BENZO unless you ALSO HAVE CRIPPLING ANXIETY because you will become a xanny junkie in like three days and never come back. I also suggest that you get it treated because I heard a story about an inpatient killing himself (Dr. Fred Frese mentioned it in one of his talks) due to akathisia. I remember the day I went in the pdoc’s office with it so bad that I was just a wreck.

Wait Im getting derailed. Get that ■■■■ seen to and keep in mind that benzos (xanax, valium, klonopin) are what even the hardest druggies know better than to ■■■■ with. Rehab time once you’re illegally addicted to that ■■■■.

Ice, what’s that?

Anyone on the following drugs for these adverse effects?
Cyproheptadine (Periactin or Peritol)
Benzatropine (Cogentin)
Trihexyphenidyl (Artane, Apo-Trihex, Parkin, Pacitane, also known as benzhexol and trihex)
Metoprolol (Toprol or Lopressor)

I’m already on 0.5/1mg Clonazepam for anxiety so that’s not a issue.

For heart palpitations I take coenzyme Q10 every morning with my meds.

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What dosage and does it really help? I’ve taken Q10 before (I don’t even remember for what :smiley: ) but back then I wasn’t on Latuda.

It’s 100 mg once a day. They say all women over 40 should take it. I replaced it with a multi vit since it has the similar properties. Yes it helps, especially at rest I don’t feel like I might have heart attack.