Latuda - I think this med is too activating

I’m still having mixed feelings about this Latuda business. I’m starting to feel mad at my pdoc but I don’t want to be mad at her. I told her I didn’t want Abilify because it’s activating. She gave me Latuda even though it’s activating. I kind of feel like she pulled one over on me getting me to try this med and I’m kind of pissed. I just feel so restless, it’s coming back. I took the propranolol but it’s not making a difference now. I took some old Xanax that was in the closet, maybe it’s expired but it didn’t help either. I just haven’t felt right all day. First with the horrible IBS type issues and anxiety. Now I feel very tired even though it’s only 8PM but I can’t get comfortable, I feel crappy, like my body just has something wrong with it. I see my pdoc on the 13th and I’m just kind of pissed. I wish she would give me something more sedating, I want to really rest. Like REST and not just toss and turn on the couch and wake up every hour from jacked up nightmares. I’m just betching.


Ugh I should not have taken that Xanax. Man ■■■■ benzos I swear. I still feel like ■■■■ but now I also feel kind of drunk.

Has the doctor tried cogentin for your restlessness? Propranolol is good, but may not be the first line of defense for akathisia. Or it may need to be increased.

I don’t know what she is thinking. I asked her for an anti-depressant I am so ■■■■■■■ sad. Most of the time I keep it at bay and distract myself and using coping techniques but I’m so ■■■■■■■ sad, my body is sad, my chest is sad. Now it’s worse because I was dumb and took Xanax. I’m going to go lay in the shower with a towel as a pillow.

Latuda has an antidepressant built into it as well as being an antipsychotic. Could be why she prescribed it. It is a potent dopamine blocker as well. This causes akathisia in many who take it. Hence, your misery. Sorry for your pain.


Thanks. I’m chilled out again this morning. The shower helped.


I use benztropine aka cogentin as my only night med and like it/ it is not activating.

seroquel is very sedating med. I love Latuda as far as less weight gain. That’s the only reasons I take if. Latuda also blocks 5ht1a which is the serotonin receptor that tells your body to stop making basically it barely elevates serotonin. The reason Latuda causes restlessness is because the combination of no anticholergenic and high activation of the stratium.

I basically deal with the restlessness to avoid cognitive impairment and weight gain.

I’ve been taking 60mg latuda for almost a year. It’s helped so much with my depression, visual hallucinations, intrusive thoughts and paranoia, but I have blunted affect.