Why akathisia only sometimes?

I decided to take my Latuda again this morning. I hadn’t taken it since the 9th. I basically braced myself this morning for that feeling of being physically very tense/agitated especially in my arms and legs (so I even had anxiety already going before taking it in a way), but it never happened. It never happened and eventually I fell asleep.

There have been other times when I took it and nothing happened, and times when I took it and it happened, a couple times when it was really bad (and then I was scared to take it anymore). It seems almost 50/50 in my memory.

I can’t remember any trends as far as what I did / didn’t do differently that might have made the difference.

Are there things that increase the likelihood of athathisia happening?

For me it happens a bit after I take the med, and lasts for 1-3 hours before starting to subside.

If I could figure out how to prevent it, I would like to stay on Latuda because in all other ways it’s a great med for me.

If I could figure out how to prevent it,

I can only tell you that l-theanine works for me. Not 100%, but enough. I take 400mg twice a day for a total of 800mg.


Akathisia is a side-effect of some APs. A pdoc told me there are only two drugs to help alleviate side-effects of APs: Cogetin and Aripiprazole.

I’m on Aripiprazole(abilify) and I have it in spades.

Yeah I get that there are drugs that can prevent it, and I appreciate the information.

But I am just wondering why (without these extra drugs) sometimes I don’t get the side effects and sometimes I do.

I wonder if it has to do with how fast it’s absorbed? Like how much food and what types of food?

Akathisia happens because dopamine occupation of the part of the brain known as the striatum. The reason seroquel and clozapine cause less akathisia is because the medicines bind only quickly to the dopamine receptor on-off. The reason Zyprexa causes less akathisia is because it has anticholergenic effects.

Latuda binds to dopamine in the striatum and so there’s nothing we can do. But take anticholergenic medicines like benzotropine.

Iti-007 is unique in that it doesn’t bind to dopamine in the striatum


You stopped taking the Latuda and just started it up again, this means that you have very little medicine in your system, so the Akathisia is not going to be so bad.

If you stay on it for a long time, or up the dose, the Akathisia might get worse.

Yeah I am concerned about that.

I’m getting that with Abilify too. I was getting nothing for like the past week and all of a sudden with the 5 mg (I’ve been on it 4 days now) I’m getting the tremors and restlessness again. I feel like I’m on the verge of a panic attack. Ughhh

I wonder if upping the dosage on Latuda is similar to upping it on Abilify (more sedating than activating). I’m not even sure if that’s relevant to akathisia, though. I really want to stay on Latuda, it makes my paranoia go away, but I can still daydream, enjoy music and masturbate, things that Zyprexa took away from me. Gonna ask about those extra meds in my pdoc appointment tomorrow.

Ask them about cogentin it supposedly works better