Tips with dealing with akathisia

my doctor titrated better the latuda this time so now i dont have as much dread and restlessness. but it is still there just a lot less terrible. now does anyone have any tips for dealing with late night restlesssness when you take your pill. i have ativan and propranolol for the akathisia the ativan sort of helps but the doctor said its addicting and im afraid of that being the case.

all i can think of a night is how bad i wanna get off the latuda, but i know its good for my bodies health metabolism wise.

what tips do you have other than ativan and propranolol for akathisia

That was the worst side effect i got with ap’s. It’s awful, it went away for me after lowering my dose and adding klonopin, which is a benzo too i know :disappointed:
Do you think there is room to talk to your Doctor about lowering your dose if all else fails?

L-theanine 300mg twice daily is what I use.

Well I am on Xanax and propranolol for akathisia. They also help with my agitation, my reaction to psychotic symptoms is full blown rage.

I find exercise helps. Restless legs? How about we do um 130 squats? Leg still restless? Then I study hard, the leg is out of my mind.

no 80 mg is the lowest it goes

Here in the uk procyclidine is given. Not exactly sure how this med works but I think it is sometimes used in Parkinsonian symptoms.

Think admin once said procyclidine isn’t available in the us.

when i was on haldol i couldnt hold still and was shaking like mad.

I get restless with abilify but I do cardio activity. Then take seroquel at night to knock myself out.

I walk a lot to combat the restlesness associated with my AP :walking: