APs and Dementia

Does anyone know if taking APs increases your risk of dementia? I thought I remembered hearing something about it but am having trouble reading today to figure it out.

I hope not… dementia runs in my family.

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No, if so, it would be written as a warning on the box and as a side effect. Ask your psychiatrist if you’re still not sure.


Some antipsychotics can affect your memory so badly memory wise that people think you got dementia. But after you have discontinued the meds and been put on another meds that problem can be solved.

I’m pretty sure I have read that at least some AP’s can increase the risk for dementia. The drugs have a lot of non-intended effects on the brain, like for instance when blocking dopmine and serotonin. The problem is that a lot of metabolic processes in the brain depend on those substances. So you fix the immediate problem of psychosis, but create new chronic problems.

All AP’s are counterindicated for people who already have dementia and that is not without reason.

The best option to keep the brain healthy in my opinion is to supplement with vitamins and minerals and adoptogenic herbs to counter the drugs negative effects on the brain.

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