Does aps cause dementia in later ages

İ have difficulties to remember some words and i m worried if i have develop dementia in later you think we have at risk of dementia?

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Im at risk by genetics but I do worry that its a fate thats been sealed by the stamp of sz and medications.

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I don’t believe sz can give you dementia. Ask your pdoc next time you see her.

Old people all have a risk. I am 75 and getting by.


If I took a med that was anticholinergic, I’d worry.


I’m on Cogentin daily so I guess I have that to look forward to.

You don’t look 75!

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Uhh yea I used to be hopeful young 23 psychotic now I’m 39 fat on latuda and looking to new drugs to treat negative e symptoms that will never be treated ■■■■ then!!!

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My father had.Lewis Body.dementia for 10 years before his death.

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10 years? That’s a long time.

My grandfather also died from lewy body. He only had it for a couple of years. It’s a horrible illness.

My father had a radion Brainoperation in his early years
And was a heavy drinker all of his years and he
Overlived most alcoholics and schizophrenics because
He died age 76. And my mother is 77 years and has used
Powerful psychotropics most of her life and she now has
Beaten most of us schizophrenics in life years.

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Some patients will die earlier and avoid risk of dementia.

Anticholinergics which prescribed for APs side effects my cause dementia.

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I’m 58 years old and suffering with some dementia like symptoms.
It runs in my family

Which do you care about the most? How well you do when you are 80, or all the years in between? It’s sorta like never going on vacation so you’ll have a good retirement when you are elderly and less able to do things.

To be honest to you I’ve always been stupid because I thought that I would.gro old so I saved and investet a.big part of my public pension into a privat pensionfond. At the moment my pension is a little over 1000.000 of my countries.currency. the reason that I saved was thst I quit drinking alcohol 20 years ago so that.I always had some 1000s left.
Why was this stupid.
Average age of males when they die is 59 years.
Age 53
Years to live 6
I got the right to public disability pension until 69 years.
What a waste.of effort saving to the cemetery.

Any one who lived to an old age is at risk. My great uncle is 86 and has stage 2 dementia. He recently had to stop driving but he still lives alone in his own home. I try to take him out to eat or we have him over for dinner but sometimes he can’t get real far from a bathroom and has accidents.

My grandmother lived until 93. The flu killed her. She was sharp as a tack. If she hadn’t have gotten the flu she probably would still be alive. But she spent several years in a nursing home and in a wheel chair.

One time when I was loading her in the car to bring her home from the retirement center she told me never to get old.

But it’s going to happen to us all eventually.

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