Applied to 6 jobs today


I only do the resume submission,
quick and easy,

instead of a long process.
we shall see.

would love the one as Aflac rep.


Hope u get selected for the job…And best of luck for taking risk…!!!

ty I’d love to change for the better,

and usually I’m getting there when employed.


Are u able to work if u get selected …?? just asking due to Sz…!!

Good luck @Daze indeed is where Angela got her job…it’s a good site.

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well, I’d make about the same amount of money
working full time,
working part time and staying on disability check.
And likely if I went full time, I wouldn’t get medical insurance.


Good luck!

I know in New York at least, we have disability waiver, which means any doctor visits or meds related to your disability are 100% covered by medicaid even if you have private insurance. Maybe that exists in your state too.

Good luck Daze :slight_smile:

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Sending positivity your way. Best of luck!

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I hope you get it @Daze

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Way to go, Daze! I am in awe of you!

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Great! I hope you get one.

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Good luck. I’ve gotten a job through indeed before so it is possible.

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I actually know someone who works FOR indeed :smile:

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