Apparently I’m quite a catch, lol

I have beautiful women texting me out of the blue. They started it so I went along with it, lol. They said they got my number by accident. Just saying hi and then of course almost immediately they wanted to know how old I was and what I did for a living. Then they sent a picture of a gorgeous woman. She looked like Salma Hayek. I knew the text was a scam and after it went on for a couple lines and she sent another picture. I got a little sleazy and said “ send me a sexy picture” She got coy and said wait until we know each other better. When I texted I was a retired highway engineer (I’m actually a janitor) the texts stopped.

So just a minute ago I’m waiting for my spaghetti to cook and I get a text from a strange number saying hi. I said hi back. Then when I didn’t text anything back they said “Hi, are you my sister Lucy? I texted back , “ No I am the Great Cornholio” I waited for a text back but got nothing, lol,

Hey, you got to get your entertainment somehow.


Now its your turn to text some random stranger gotta keep the ball rolling just enter in a random phone number and shoot

Jk jk


Someone texted me before looking for someone called Lucy… this Asain woman… I told her she had the wrong number… she kept texting. So i blocked her.

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I used to be

Shrinks helped that fade somewhat.

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Just last month my buddy got hit up by a gal on his Facebook account.

They talked for weeks. When he was about to send her $300.00 for bus fare to come and see him, she wanted the money sent to an account in Africa…she lived in Quebec (apparently).

He quickly blocked her from Facebook.


Careful of scammers. They’re everywhere


Yeah, another, smarter scammer is talking to me now. Wants to talk to me on WhatsApp!

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