Apogee to all of you

I want to apologise to anybody whose feelings I ever might have hurt and to anybody I might have given a bad or wrong leading advice. I now realise that I under the influence of Ziprasidone had a very bad personality and that I could not control my own actions because I was constantly manic for the last 20 years. I want to make up for my own wrongs by not making comments so often anymore. I have become a calmer and quiter person after I got rid of Ziprasidone 3 months ago. Now I want to live after the devise Live and let live.


You don’t have to apologise @columbus - ■■■■ happens, and we deal with it :slight_smile:

I hope you are able to continue to contribute


We’re good mate. Glad to hear you’re flying more level these days.

I might still bite your ankle on occasion, though.



Dude that’s a long time to be manic for. I have mixed emotions about my manic phases because they were fun but yeah also everything starts to disintegrate around you at the same time. Hope you are okay, personally I feel the awakening stage when you first realise and come to grips with your actions during psychosis ect is always the hardest. When you are psychotic you are completely oblivious but when you start to come out of the mania you kinda crash and at the same time realise how crazy it all was. For me being crazy was fine but realsing how crazy it was, was when I hit true rock bottom. It only gets better from there.

It is okay to apologise. But in anycase don’t feel like you owe people an apology. There are those who understand and those who don’t


Don’t worry about it. We are not always at our best. I too have had periods in life where mistakes have been made. It’s not easy to navigate this life, but I guess having the insight to realise when things go wrong is worth gold.

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