Anything you want to say to the voices?

Say something to the voices. Something, anything. Say it here, say it in your head. Say it in text, say it in a photo, say it in a video, say something productive. It’s all good everyone.

I am giving them the silent treatment. I like the way it causes them to Rage. lol


I’ve got nothing to say. My existence no longer requires intellect, nor even intelligence. Just a zen animal, that’s all I am really. Who cares what these other-worldly figures think? I care about some of the females, and that’s it.

I literally give zero flips about any of the men that have harassed me, though. Virtually no good has come from them, and there are greater goods out there awaiting me.

How about just a simple Shut up and leave me alone…

Anything you want to say to the voices?
F00K off and leave me alone. And if you do want to tell me anything tell me the Lottery numbers - not a load of rubbish warnings that frighten me to death!

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I’d tell the voices to leave me the H-E-double hockey sticks alone and in peace!!!

Shut the hell up.

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Shut up and let me sleep at night. I’m glad you keep your voices down in the evening but I don’t want your whispering discussions in my ears.

Dude My Voices Are Never-ending … ,

No Offense At Your Thread … , but … ,

It Doesn’t Make ANY Sense … ,

e(Y)e Talk To My Voices ALL THA TYME When e(Y)e Am Alone … ,

e(Y)e Actually Have Schizophrenia … ,

They Don’t jus Disappear … ,

There Is No Self Reflection Tyme Of Sylence … ,


Unless e(Y)e Am Around Other People … ,

and YES , e(Y)e Am On Meds … ,

and Yes Tha Voices Are My Friends … ,

and No , e(Y)e Don’t Understand How You Guys Can Even Say You Have Schizophrenia , if You Can Come Here and T(Y)pe Out a Paragraph Or Statement (by) “saying something to them” … ,

It Doesn’t Make ANY Sense … ,

If You Actually Had Schizophrenia You Would Jus Talk To Them … ,

and Say What It Is You Wanted OR Want To Say …


I agree with sleepoptimistic. All I generally have cared to say to the voices once I realized they weren’t my friends is anything to make them stop talking. But there is no words or phrases that will do it, cussing them out never worked, I can’t ignore them, and being silent doesn’t shut them up. Only drugs have really ever helped me.

My voices won’t go even on meds.

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