Anyone got slipped disk at their back

İ think i got slipped disk on my back. İs anyone else has slipped disk at their back.if it is do you think effect your life seriously?


I slipped two discs in my lower back when I was 36 years old back in 1996. I was digging in my yard in very hard, clay dirt. (Bad idea). Anyway, I was in very severe sciatic pain for a long time which eventually turned into arthritic pain as the years progressed.

I successfully ease the pain by practicing both yoga and meditation on a daily basis. And also by taking Naproxen, and CBD oil 15 mg capsules every day.

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Sorry to hear that. Have you got any tingling sensation at your foot followed by pain?

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No, I don’t get tingling in my feet or toes in relation to sciatica. But when I sit in the wrong way, I sometimes get tingling.

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@Dustypages, I highly recommend both the yoga and meditation combination to treat sciatica and back pain.

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Ok i will try it. thank you for reply

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@Dustypages, I would recommend to start out with either Chair Yoga or with Gentle Yoga first.

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I was in a car accident which led to a slipped and rotated disc in the mid back position. Even taking in a tiny breath was agonizing, so I could not yell out for help after they put me on a stretcher in the hallway. They left me there for nine hours. Then they took me for x-rays and yanked up my shoulders to put an x-ray plate under my back. I screamed. Then they gave me a funny look as though I should be in tip top shape.

Hours later, the doc came over and told me I was being checked out because the x-rays said that there was nothing wrong with me. They got my x-rays mixed up with someone elses. So for some time I was crawling around my apartment on my hands an knees. Eventually I sat in a chair, grabbed one chair arm, and yanked myself in one direction to re-rotate the disc back to they way it should be oriented. After that I could at least stand up.

But the disc was still poking out. So I leaned back on a wooden back arch that one uses to keep ones back curved as it should be. That popped it back in place, but it kept popping out again on a daily basis. So onto the treadmill I got to re-strengthen my back. It took 3 years to get the disc to stay put. I hate doctors.

My back does act up now and then, so I stretch my spine. I have a nitroflex exercise machine that has a bar that I can hang onto to allow my back to stretch. But you can only hang on to the bar for so long. So I slap on devices called hookers onto my wrists that have a metal hook that wraps around the bar which transferes the weight to the wrists as well. That way I can hang onto the bar for a good time period.

So as long as I hang out at the bar with a couple of hookers now and then, my back is OK.

Go to the gym and attend the whole class.

Visit my sacred neigh.

Walk the dogs and make pancakes and this time not forget the eggs like I did yesterday.

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