I need a backeotomy


I’ve suffered from sciatica and my back is doing crappy again. Not real bad but it’s hard to put on my pants. yay


I’m sorry. I have a few family members with back problems. I can’t imagine what they go through. Does physical therapy help?


The therapy I do is laying in bed… my wife does back exercises every night for her back but I refuse. I probably should though


Why do you refuse? Are they painful?


I have extreme fatigue so excessive exercise is mentally painful


My dad gets sciatica, it is very crippling. Sorry you have to deal with that.


Man that sucks, I’m sorry. Back pain does not sound fun. Does the pain come and go or is it constant?


I hate being this person,

But have you tried yoga?

I had back problems and they were all but cured by yoga.

It really made a difference in my quality of life.


Oh, sciatica is so painful, but it is treatable!


Mostly when I move certain ways or strain it. Bending over hurts. I can lay down or sit in a chair ok.

I’ve had it where I had to stay in bed and not move before. Even had to eat in bed. That lasted about a week


I’m so sorry. That sounds so awful. I hope it dies down soon.


That sucks! What procedures, etc have you tried so far? Have you tried burning the nerves in that area? Or other procedures? I hope you feel better soon


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