Anyone who's currently on Abilify

I’m really thinking about taking abilify again. Perphenazine is turning south. What is your overall opinion of abilify?


It works for me and keeps me sane.

Anxiety might be a problem , so you you might need anti anxiety meds or supplements.

It did increase my blood sugar, so I suggest getting blood tests 6 months after starting it to make sure everything is ok.

I’m on Metformin for my blood sugar now.


I am being injected with 400mg of Abilify every 4 weeks. The anti-psychotic medication is maintaining my brain functions.

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Its a good med, but the insomnia is a killer for me. Im up at 2:30 am rn

Also I got kind of impulsive with spending for awhile, but it passed

Apart from that its fantastic for motivation and energy to do things in my case

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Thanks a lot y’all I’m just a little worried.


It’s a good medication,

But it gave me horrible anxiety.

I’m on klonopin to combat it.

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It works for me, no too many issues.
As everhopeful pointed out. may raise bloodsuger
I think it raised mine and i’m diabetic.

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Diabetes is bad on both sides of my family. So as I age I’ve to watch out. If he puts me on it I’ll watch my sugar.


I’m on it currently and it’s working well for my general paranoia and disorganized thinking. Hasn’t helped at all with the voices and I’m still a little disorganized at times. It’s definitely given me more energy and motivation

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I don’t have sz but I got psychotic-like anxiety from Abilify 2.5mg (lowest here is 5mg). So yeah, take anxiety into consideration.

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I thought I was doing okay on perphenazine. It’s just depressing.

I’ve been on it 15 years and I’ll never get away at this point, it feels like a euphoriant. It will stop me from sinking too low, though I miss genuine imagination…I miss before the injection—when I was flying in my mind to bizarre castles, now its static noise. That’s ok, be myself? Normal…

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I love it. Only watch out if u have heart problems stay hydrated. Since I started being healthier heart problems are much much less

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I don’t know about ability but I do take perphenazine and I’m starting to not like it as well. Giving me insomnia.

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I’m currently on 15mg of Abilify.

Definitely helps with motivation, mood stabilizing, and more.

I did stop it for about a month and a few days and defos noticed a difference.

Wishing you luck if you decide to go for it, @roxanna :sunny:

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