Anyone use melatonin with antipsychotic?

Why are you using melatonin,and also does it help you to fall asleep?

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Its pretty safe, I use it myself. I was even offered to use it in a psychiatric ward

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I used melatonin while on antipsychotic medicine in an attempt to get better sleep. But the melatonin didn’t seem to have much effect.

yeah, why, is it not safe?

I take both melatonin, and Trazadone every night after supper, along with all my other Scoobies.

what have you heard about this?

nope it didnt work for me
could work for other…

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It helps me get more sound sleep. But I actually get better effect on low doses than high. High doses doesen’t seem to work for me.

@Gtx1990 u said u sleep a lot …are u using melatonin again…

I don’t use melatonin but off topic if have anxiety. Lexapro helps slleep

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I’ll take 1mg of melatonin once a week or so. Usually when I’m begging for sleep.

Shower, clean sheets, and a melatonin usually does the trick.

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It really helps me. I take 2mg and I think that’s strong. I see people using 50mg!!

50mg would be way too much for me.

It’s the best feeling for me.

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I’ve used melatonin while on Olanzapine and Lurasidone.

I have hardcore insomnia. I’ve used anywhere from 300mcg up to 10mg and found it useless for the most part. I use 1.5mg clonazepam to sleep. I found in the past when I would use melatonin it would give me dreams so intense they would wake me up.

If you use melatonin consistently your brain will lose the ability to produce melatonin by itself, then it can take months to get that ability back and your sleep will suffer during that time.

Edit: MIT study says 300mcg is the optimal amount: Scientists pinpoint dosage of melatonin for insomnia | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Yes, I use melatonin with abilify. I’ve used it with another ap, caplyta. The brand I use is called midnite and it works pretty well.

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Why does melatonin make me feel so good and others feel nothing?

If you take Melatonin every night over the long term for sleep, it will eventually stop working. That’s according to my pdoc and also according to my own, personal experience.

Tons of my patients use both melatonin and antipsychotics so it is safe. Personally melatonin does absolutely nothing for me sleep-wise.

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