Anyone taking meds with no luck?


Im taking beds and have been on high dosages of risperidone and no luck. I have been on other medications and I seem to keep maxing the dosage and still no difference. Anyone with a similar situation or solution?



I’m not in a similar situation but perhaps niacin or clozapine will work for you.


I am in the same situation as you. High doses work for a month and then they stop


I have the same issue. I’ve tried the highest dose on so many meds. I still have the same problems. That’s why I don’t believe them that it’s schizophrenia. If I had schizophrenia it would go away with meds


I was the same…but now I take a combo of meds…im currently on 20mg olanzapine and 800mg of quetiapine

you need to probably take a combination


Not necessarily, schizophrenia may not just go away with meds, different meds target receptors differently although many are similar. It is also a complex disease and dopamine may only be part of the way schizophrenia manifests itself.

You may be treatment resistant like @Om_Sadasiva is, I am sure there are others who have similar stories.


Have you tried clozapine @Tans637?
Maybe you should consider it.


Yeah rexulti isn’t doing anything for me right now except I think messing up my sleep. I’ve had minimal success with most APs.