The meds have failed, cbt not working really, so hwat can i do now?

im struggling hard with sz…i keep gatting meds changed, i may get a bit of relief but after a month im unwell again…cbt aint doing it either

what should i do…some of you schizophrneics must have advice

Increase the dose of Olanzapine? I know you’re already at 20mg.

thanks for your reply…yeah i used to be on 20mg olanzapine,but my pdoc changed it…im now on 800mg quetiapine and 9mg invega…butth the voices are driving me round the twist.

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Man I’m sorry you are feeling bad @karl. I"m sure you have a lot of willpower. Just hang in there buddy.

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Maybe show that article to your doctor and say you’d like to try >20mg Olanzapine. That’s what Id do. I don’t know what else to suggest. I’m sorry you’re still suffering.


From the article

pharmacokinetic aspects alone cannot account for why the disease may sometimes be resistant to 20mg of olanzapine but respond to higher doses.

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Can you describe what your delusions are about?

Have you tried Latuda?

I’m in the same boat. They keep changing my meds but nothing convinced me the men aren’t real. My therapist was all over me about logic and how illogical I’m being. It’s really frustrating. I’m now on Haldol. It helps me with some things but not everything.

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Wat were u doing with CBT?

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