Anyone taking Adderall have increase libido?

Thinking of maybe asking my psychiatrist for this med, I have nothing in my life because antipsychotics numb me.

I doubt they would give you Adderall just because you want increased libido.

It’s a controlled substance,

And addictive.

Maybe you’re on the wrong medication or need an AD added to your regimen.

yea an AD would be nice and getting PSSD even nicer right?

Sexual side effects are super common with the meds we take,

You know that.

Why don’t you ask for an ED medication instead of uppers?

I took adderall at uni to “study harder” before exams and it was pre sz, i was limp as noodle on it

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Theres a difference between ED and libido… ED meds do not increase libido…

I understand that,

I just thought you were worried about boners.

You’re probably just on the wrong medication for you,

I had to try several before I found one that didn’t have such negative side effects.