Zero sex drive

Out of nowhere I have no sex drive. Don’t think I have even had an erection in months (not even when I wake in the morning). Not particularly bothered.

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It’s gotta be your meds? try to work it out with your pdoc that you can get aroused again? I can’t imagine losing my sex life. made me suicidal when I had no way of erection. years and years ago that is. I am on prolixin and there are no sexual side effects. good luck jimbob.

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Are you on risperdal cuz that gave me hella sexual side-effects it’s why I switched off it.

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What happens if you masturbate? You don’t have to reply to this, just curious!

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your suppose to ejaculate if you are a man

I second the what drugs are you on and maybe you should switch.

When I was on luvox I couldn’t keep erections and I couldn’t orgasm.

On a heavy dose of Zoloft now but I get morning wood now and can orgasm.

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When I was on ability nothing would come out. On zoloft it would take hrs.

Now on zyprexa I’m less randy, but it might also be I’m getting old!

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I read that many SZ’s can’t get an erection. Not to alarm you, I am pretty sure my sex drive is shot too because of this illness.

RISPERDAL CONSTA does that bad. May have some milk leakage from nipples and gynocomastia. Invega may cause this?

Morning wood.
Not sure if ive heard that one before but I like it.:slight_smile:

sometimes a man can perhaps get help so that he can have morning wood again.:slight_smile:

Have actually climaxed twice over the last two days and feel a lot better for it. Was worried, since I don’t get morning wood, that I might be impotent or something. But thankfully this isn’t the case.

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How do you masturbate when you can’t get an erection? I’m confused. Nothing happens if I try to masturbate without an erection.

Some people can with manual stimulation! Although I don’t get aroused the way I used to, just by looking at someone! I guess that’s part of getting old and the AP’s.

Would you be willing to try Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy:

Huh, that’s weird! :confused:

I don’t get any sexual side-effects from my meds so I wouldn’t want to try that. Everything is working as it should here. Not sure how I would feel about it if I had erectile dysfunction.

@Stillperkin how are you doing now?

The med’s have considerably reduced my sex drive. A week or two ago I didn’t get my Geodon in my med. tray, and my sex drive substantially returned. I think the Geodon is worth it, and it might not be that way for others. I don’t intend to have children.

Well, zero is better than nothing.

Or at the least, it’s pretty close.