Part of the reason I am not motivated to get a GF

Sexual issue.I heard some don’t have this issue,is Asian more prone to having sexual problem with meds?


It’s an issue for a lot of guys. Always good to talk to your doc. They are used to such issues and should have some strategies for helping. Better to get things fixed or addressed than suffer in silence!

Yet another reason for me to be scared of these little pills. A guy needs his drive :frowning:

Some don’t get such side effect.Its nasty if you get it and probably no return.Now I need psych meds in general for sleep

I uh returned all rock solid after stopping meds. Not to give you ideas just my experience

I’ve changed meds in the past for better sexual function. Talk to your doctor it wasn’t a big deal.

I wouldn’t recommend stopping meds. That is a bad idea and most modern atypicals aren’t that bad for sexual function.

Have a chat to your doctor! They have the knowledge and the experience to help you out!

I have chat with my doctor for tons and tons of time and sick of talking to them about my sexual problem,which I have always complaint.They cannot do anything

You can try yohimbie and see if it works for you. It has a very strong affect on my libido but it also makes it feel that my heart is going to jump out of my chest. Start low and dose up. It’s not available in the EU but is in USA

No worries.

Sometimes you’ve got to be your biggest advocate. I’m no professional but you say there’s nothing they can do and I find that suspicious. There is always something they can do. Viagra is a drug that will cure most things and I can get samples from my psychiatrist.

I’m just trying to help mate. I’ve been in similar states but it’s not such a big issue with medications these days for most!

I have been on meds since 19,lost 8 years of sexual function and relationship too because of the ED.■■■■ life

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This is unrelated but I remember I asked you on another thread what you do for a living. Sorry I obsess. I’m 26 and have no career yet and feel I’m getting behind the game.

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I am very behind the dating game too.I worked as a sales person for my dad businesses.We sell electronic appliances

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Just look online. If you have a job, you have an ok chance at finding someone…

I know,but my dick has problem.Not girls can accept this

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Does it not work at all…? It’d be ok if it just means less sex or takes longer or something… If it hinders your major life goals, definitely change!

U can take viagra…consult ur pdoc …!!!

It only adds to problem,so nope

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Probably cancel off 70% of erection.And a lot lesser semen

If you’re serious about dating again, try a different med. A relationship is a very worthwhile thing.

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@anon62973308 are u enjoying travelling china…good for u… take care …xeixeini…

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