Well im on abilify and its good. But i just cant get my sex drive back. What do i do now? Anyone ever try yohimbine? Does it work?

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You can be like the people on antidepressants and rely on the ‘little blue pill’ or cialis when you need it.

It is a pretty awful situation that you are in and I feel for you.

I am on paliperidone and risperidone and still have the daily urge, luckily for me.

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How the crap did you keep your sex drive on invega and respiridone? Lol. Whats wrong with me?

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Mine has always been high. It is just somewhat dominished now, but still acceptable.

How old are you, @Garbled?

You got the medication you wanted,

Have you considered other things might be at play?

Why won’t you take an ED medication when you need it?

So many men do.

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I get hard. I just have no desire or drive. Im 47. Up until. I had my relapse and i was put on invega. I was killed sexually. Abilify is so good. Im recovering mentally. Im. Not incompetent anymore but i do t k ow if i can recover sexually now. I wonder if cialis helps with drive pleasure and desire. Not just ed

I was good up until 2020

I have a phone appointment with my GP tuesday. Ill try somethin g

Yeah, I don’t think it increases your libido. I think it’s all about function.

Yohimbine then. Lol. Help. Eek

Sometimes you change a lot within few years. Not like you’re in your teens or 20’s.

Try getting your testosterone levels checked if you haven’t already done this @Garbled



Sex is less of a priority the older you get.

We still do it, and it’s fun,

But we’re not the horny, ■■■■ to death pile of body fluids were were in our 20s.

What you’re experiencing could just be normal.

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The state of my orgasms changes with the timing of the depots though.

If you are getting hard and just not climaxing the same then that it is to do with how dopamine is limited by APs.

Dopamine is the reward system defining how much joy and pleasure we can get.

That unfortuantely is the problem here.

Can it be remedied? I don’t think so, at least not while on a drug that limits your pleaure in the form of dopamine depletion.

A lot of people on ADs can’t get hard at all, so use the viagra instead.

It is a different ball game though.

My testosterone is normal. So i guess im buying yohimbine and horny goatweed. And ill try cialis just for a kick. Ill find out. My girlfriend is gonna get it


Gambled Abilify is often used to make people improve their sexual abilities. The main reason why I quit Abilify was to much libido and worsening of psychosis.
After you’ve been of Invega for 6 months I think that you’ll be quite interested in Ladies.

Nice. Thanks columbus