Tbh i felt not so good about sex

If i am not on meds,i can feel my lilbido is higher and actually has greater interest in sex.My erection somehow felt stronger too and ejaculate more amount of sperm.Now i am one month continuous on medicine,lilbido,erection and sperm quantity all reduced.How do ya’ll deal with that?

A powerful libido is a mixed blessing.

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I’ve gone off depression medicine, and my libido has increased.

That being said, I honestly wish it didn’t.

Its annoying having a sexual urge, when you honestly don’t need it.

Granted I didn’t want zero libido but the fair few times that I felt in the mood, were fine enough with me.

Now its an every day affair and its just like…am I in highschool again? ffs just enough already.

I just found different meds that didn’t affect my sex life.

A powerful libido is just a curse more like. No one can ever keep up with you and even if they can you destroy your body because it wasn’t built to be able to have that much sex. You are never satisfied.

I hate my high libido. Meds that reduced it were a relief to me.


I’m on Risperdal and although I can have a diminished libido I have difficulty maintaining an erection many times.
It’s so frustrating.

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Do you have no choice but to endure it or have you got plans or option to solve this problem?

My libido is much higher off meds. I’m glad I’ve chilled out some in that regard.

I usually get Mania when i get pachotic, so my libido sky rockets and i used to masturbate even in public WCs, doing it at home like 6 times.on medication I do it 1 time per day, 2 times on my day off. My libido is towards low medium, ao it doesnt get in my way too much. I am not planning on having a girlfriends cause i know i would be a burden on her and scare her off on my next episode.

Currently I don’t have a partner so I’ll continue to endure it.
Risperdal is basically the only AP that works for me.

What other APs you tried, wave?

Too many to mention right now @Newlyborn

Feep for you, risperidone was my first AP, but stopped working for no reason after 6 years I literally had no ejaculation on it, was quite fruatrating

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I did that in university daily while unmedicated and while on Abilify. My high libido got me in trouble with the police. I forced my gf to have sex in a parking lot outside at night. Once police came and saw us, they told me to at least bring her to an hotel room. I wanted to have sex in a parking lot in the morning, on a roof of a building in daylight etc but my gf refused and left me lol

I will never switch my Risperdal bcz it lowered my libido to normal levels.

I think my gf would still be with me if I was on Risperdal before she left me.


I think ap meds lower libido cause they don’t want us procreating and spreading the illness lol. #delusions

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