Trying to move and getting over heated with Geodon

Right now we are having high heat and high humidity. I can barely do one load a day from one apartment to the other. Being on Geodon makes it dangerous to get overheated. Any suggestions.

Good thing you read up on your meds. I take Geodon as well and can’t do cardio outdoors, I live in the south and it gets not only hot but very humid and its absolutely stifling some days, like today. I would keep ice water, like a BIG thing of ice water around, pace yourself and get someone to help you move your stuff from apartment to apartment. By the way, some caffeine will help you feel like you can move more stuff, I am very pro-caffeine, its almost like yet another medication for me, I need it to function…I say as I am sitting next to my first big cup of black coffee with lots of sugar of the day.

But yeah, at the gym I go to some people eat popsicles when they get overheated, I asked a guy “are you diabetic?” and he was like “no im just trying to cool down”. So yeah if you squat over 600lbs eat a popsicle. LOL.

But try the big thing of ice water, try an iced coffee with an extra shot of espresso, maybe a grande, then keep some ice water to sip on to keep cool.

By the way, take Geodon with carbs, protein and fat, a full meal of at least 400cal or it doesnt get absorbed optimally.

I take 60mg with breakfast and dinner and am a powerlifter. I drink lots of caffeine, sleep plenty, nap some when I am not working out, stay very hydrated (I drink about 6 liters of water a day) and take my capsules with something like eggs, butter and toast or chicken, cheese and bread, a balanced meal so it gets absorbed better instead of just spiking in the bloodstream then crashing.

While working out I drink this super gatorade-like stuff they sell at vitamin shops and protein powder. Ive been faint plenty of times, sat down, drank a bunch of glycofuse and then continued to workout and then drive home.

what does this Geodon propose it’s doing for you? which neurotransmitter is it changing that is helping you? I looked up this drug, but couldn’t decipher what it did

try reading the pharmacology section of its wikipedia page…for Thor’s sake

Binding profile

Ziprasidone acts as an antagonist/inverse agonist (unless otherwise noted) of the following receptors and transporters:[3][4][5][6][7]

5-HT1A receptor (Ki = 12 nM) (partial agonist)[8]
5-HT1B receptor (Ki = 4.0 nM) (partial agonist)[9]
5-HT1D receptor (Ki = 2.3 nM)
5-HT1E receptor (Ki = 360 nM)
5-HT1F receptor (Ki = >10,000 nM) (inactive)[10]
5-HT2A receptor (Ki = 0.6 nM)
5-HT2B receptor (Ki = 27 nM)
5-HT2C receptor (Ki = 13 nM)
5-HT3 receptor (Ki = > 10,000 nM) (inactive)
5-HT4 receptor (Ki = > 10,000 nM) (inactive)
5-HT5A receptor (Ki = 291 nM)
5-HT6 receptor (Ki = 61 nM)
5-HT7 receptor (Ki = 6 nM)

D1 receptor (Ki = 30 nM)
D2 receptor (Ki = 6.8 nM)
D3 receptor (Ki = 7.2 nM)
D4 receptor (Ki = 39 nM)
D5 receptor (Ki = 152 nM)
α1A-adrenergic receptor (Ki = 18 nM)
α2A-adrenergic receptor (Ki = 160 nM)
β1-adrenergic receptor (Ki = >10,000 nM) (inactive)
H1 receptor (Ki = 63 nM)
mACh receptors (Ki = >10,000 nM) (inactive)
5-HT transporter (Ki = 53 nM) (inhibitor)[11]
NE transporter (Ki = 48 nM) (inhibitor)[11]
DA transporter (Ki = >10,000 nM) (inactive)[6]

it dampens serotonin, (thats what 5-HT is) which is associated with hallucinations, dampens dopamine which is also associated with hallucinations and also delusions, and glutamate which is known for whacko behavior (go look at videos of people on PCP, a glutamate agonist) as well as norepinephrine which makes people feel edgy and in fight or flight mode, and people like me pick fight and get cuffed and stuffed into the back of a cop car.


this is cool, thank you! and i realize I’m not a scientist, and neither are you but I know we are smarter together :slight_smile:

so, if acetycholine recepters are getting killed off by our immune system (say for illustration) then I can certainly see that messages are not getting sent properly, because the dopamine, glutamine, and seratonin are also not working properly.

but how does anybody know what drug or how much to give, unless they can test these levels is what gets to me. I know, I’m a computer person, and the bit is either on or it’s off, there’s no guessing. Guessing is wrong to me when it comes to admistering a med, especially when there is force involved, like an involuntary committment. here’s this venn diagram again, not sure how accurate it is, found on wikipedia, but it’s a nice diagram

i get worse in the heat too, but for me I cannot breath, or it feels like it, and my heart seems to ‘thump’ I call it.

after several weeks of hot weather, I have had a psychosis start. I’m not sure why. I turned on the air conditioner last night, if I’m crazy in a few weeks, then I’ll say ‘i told you so!’ :slight_smile:

**Hi Sapphire!
I work at a carrier company, and these guys delivering in trucks with no air do this:
Fill a cooler with several bags of ice-
Keep some kind of cloth or rag in the cooler.-
When you get hot, lay the cloth ( or some of these guys have white t-shirts soaked ) on you neck or head, or both!

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cooling gel neck scarf/bandana…can help bring down your core temperature.
take care

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It seems you spend a lot of time thinking about/eating when you are a power lifter. Or maybe it just seems that way.

Go slow. Take enough breaks in front of the fan. Slow and steady…