Anyone stopped masturabation at all?

how you did you do it ?
i wanna know the way
i been two days with no masturabation
i consider that big achievement
it become like addiction to me

I can’t do it. Paranoia. Cameras.


Why you want to stop? I find it easier to stop it when you are too busy. I went on vacation to my natal country, I was having fun and busy with friends all day everyday, I didn’t masturbate at all for 1 month.
Masturbation in moderation is healthy.

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The more alone time you have the more likely you’ll masturbate, that’s my experience. I never slept alone while on vacation, I slept in the same room as friends or family members so never masturbated for a month.

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Abilify gave me sex and masturbation addiction, 6 times everyday, it was painful.

No. In fact, I have to step it up and do it more. It’s hard to stay focused, I think I need to concentrate more while I’m doing it. Every time I masturbate I get these weird fantasy’s and all I can think of is eating chocolate cake.

Why chocolate cake though?

I have stopped since the end of June… it’s self will and self control. Plus have no desire to anymore… don’t plan on being with anyone until I meet the right person.

I haven’t had an orgasm in 6 years. The last time I did it was with my gf who is now my wife. I haven’t masturbated in like forever. Risperdal Consta is at fault.

IDK. The heart wants what it wants.

Indeed my friend… indeed…

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Ah thought it must’ve been the Abilify, I couldn’t touch myself for years and for years before that sex was my life. I haven’t left the house for years now but since being on the Abilify I do masturbate.

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I stopped it because I have no erection anymore

It helps to keep yourself busy. If you are not bored you are less likely to do it. For example getting out of bed right away when you wake up, and maybe listening to the radio when you go to bed at night if you don’t get to sleep right away.

Only when depression hits