The Ultimate Masturbation Thread

I figured instead of having a new masturbation thread every 3 days, we could just air it all out under this one tent.

I don’t really understand why so many of you feel inclined to talk so much about masturbation. Perhaps it is part of the affliction/ meds…low libido…etc.

Anyhoo, stroke away! :wink:


Lol i think is has to due our minds i tryed so hard to quit masterbation so many times its like a nessasary evil but i feel so much better wene i dont masterbate for a couple of days

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Since meeting my new bf, I have practically stopped jacking off. Just chatting with him on Facebook satisfies me.

“Two masturbators walk into a bar…”


I cant masturbate at the current moment… My right testicle hurts so much. Im seeing a doctor on Sunday.

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I jacked it twice since i been here gimme a breaaaak


I hope you used lotion mane!


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I used 46 bottles of jergens :flushed::scream::scream::scream::scream:


I wish i would stop looking at porn when i masterbait but i cant get off without it im addicted

I liked masturbation to loads of sex gifs on one page.

I like fingerings myself but I wonder if that stretches me out so I try not to do it


“Plus its your fault you were rubbing my butt” :rofl:


Honestly. I sought psychiatric help because I was masturbating a lot.

In hindsight I had other issues which really included some serious paranoia.

After getting some help and then walking away to smoke weed I think I missed the truth of the matter. When asked after getting on antipsychotics and getting better the answer has changed…Do you mastrubate a lot? …every chance I get even if in a relationship…

These days though I’m old. Soon to be 52 and it’s nice having a way less sex drive. I can think of other things and still…the answer is … every bloody chance I get! :slight_smile:


I hadn’t masturbated for months,
but these last 3 days i masturbate every night.

I’ve been trying to watch less porn. It usually leads to masturbation for me. :slight_smile:

I mean, sometimes I wonder am I that chimpanzee on a tree in the corner jerking off at the zoo while the other chimps are trying to look cute for the visitors?

I also think watching too much porn has an effect on the mind. Something about viewing women differently.

That being said, I don’t think masturbation once in awhile is all that bad. I mean without looking at porn, sometimes I’ve felt closing my eyes and fantasizing about a person doesn’t make me feel guilt so much.

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Maybe we can all make the shift to doing this workout instead :cowboy_hat_face:


the other night for the furst time in six months. god i was frustrated!

I tried to do no fap/less fap several times and had some decent streaks but it no lessened my positive symptoms of sz. They say the high levels of dopamine is a contributor to schizophrenia (porn/masturbation inducing a high level dopamine for the brain) yet my symptoms did not get better reducing it in such a way. Go figure.

Funny, everyone is masturbating and no one is getting laid.

We should organize a schizo orgy, we could call it a schorgy.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: