I'm gonna abstain from mastubation starting from tomorrow

I’ve never gone more than a couple of days without mastubation since I started puberty when I was 12. I have a normal sex drive and a normal amount of semen. I want to see what will happen if I stop. Also porn is gross and evil. I’m not going to watch it anymore. I always click the videos on the front page on Pornhub and most of them are step sister, brother, mother and father videos. Why the hell should I watch that disgusting incest ■■■■. Even other porn doesn’t accurately portray women. They are always submissive and being abused almost. I hope the porn industry changes. I doubt people would have sick fantasies if porn didn’t fulfil them.


porn is evil in my eyes.its just sometimes you have the urge you know.what can you do.


Yeah. Most of the stuff is way out there. Everything is like morally corrupt or whatever.

I have gotten much better at getting away from it. My goal is to stay away from it for good, but it’s hard. The longest I lasted is like 3-4 months, and it always feels like getting out of a self-made prison when I have been away from it for a while.

I remember I saw my first porn movie when I was 14 years old, and that was kind of my introduction to sexuality. I got totally off with the wrong ideas. When you are so young you don’t question stuff, you just think that whatever exists is the way it’s supposed to be.

I think about the kids growing up these days…it’s like 10 times worse. It’s really hard to protect them from it the way the system is today.


I always had trouble even doing that. It was partially due to the feeling I was being watched.

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I started today actually. Its going well.

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I know we are supposed to be adults and control our urges or whatever, but it helps to have some tools to help us on the way. I recommend “spin browser” for android devices, and “Qustodio” for laptops and stationarys. You can just give/leave the password to a friend or family member.

Out of reach, out of mind.

I agree that video porn is mostly awful and degrading towards women. But, if you find it too hard to quit entirely, you can always do what women have done for centuries and just turn to written erotica. Nobody is being degraded when all characters involved are fictional, and you can search only in categories you like.

I had been stepping away from porn for a while, but I had to stop completely when the weird incest stuff took over. As a survivor of incest abuse, I found it very triggering and re-traumatizing. Written stuff is much nicer, and it is easier to filter out tags on things you don’t wish to read about.


I agree porn is evil, if you want to masturbate do it with your imagination, that seems more natural to me.


Yeah, it’s like it’s become a crime to have a sexuality. It’s not exactly like we can do without internet in the modern world. That’s why I wish that sometime in the future the system changes and they segregate porn to a different platform. Give people a real choice.

I think it’s hard to turn completely away, especially for men since we are more visually orientated.

I will definitly consider written erotica, that’s a good tip.

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To stop you need to be busy and not sleep alone or have a gf. I stopped masturbation and sex for one month by being busy with friends all day, day and night. I was on vacation. I slept in the same room as friends or family members so it wasn’t tempting to masturbate.


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I was celibate 6 months last year… and have been celibate since end of June this year… not watching porn ever again.


Its good to abstain something that you had abuse over the year, take it as training your willpower

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You know you can search whatever you want on pornhub

Good luck

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Hi, Here here. The running commentary with the whole everyone’s watching makes it impossible, for me I think this lot of meds are working for I now can but it’s taken four years.
Can I ask you what medication you think mostly stops the voices for you ? For me I think it’s the Abilify (I am on four different meds)

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Paliperidone, vryalar, and the voices have been much nicer to me since I stopped porn.


I used to have self control before schiz now I just feel possessed…

Damn it guys, I only lasted three days. I wasn’t even horny but I watched porn and jacked off. Ffs. Ngl I am slightly delusional as well because I think something will happen to me if I go a month without masturbating. I already believe I’m God, so I guess I thought maybe my voice would get deeper or something if I abstained.

The only thing that will happen to you is wet dreams.

Hahha I had a sexual dream last night about Emma Watson. I was also a wizard and killed someone using ‘Avada kedavra’. Then I had to resurrect them using the philosphers stone. Man I wish I could marry Emma Watson. She’s so beautiful, and intelligent.