Anyone read any of Robert Whittaker's books?

I understand he gets lumped into the anti-psychiatry movement. But I have Anatomy of an Epidemic on hold at the library. I think it’s healthy to read different viewpoints.

Thoughts? Opinions?

I think that people who can write books are not in a position to understand the cognitive suffering of schizophrenics.

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That’s a very smart observation Erez. I like it.

I have a hard time reading the words get mixed up and my mind wonders, sucks


Yeah I am sorry @Mountainman. I have sza/bipolar type. I can only read books that really enthrall me. Otherwise my focus and attention span stinks.


I read parts of it. I agree with his point of view mostly, I think it is good that someone challenges current psychiatry. In my case I think different types of drugs caused trauma to develop into psychotic disorder, but right now I can’t do without drugs anymore. I believe psychiatry is much too quick to prescribe drugs, much too dishonest about the harm they do and much too arrogant to do anything to help people truly recover. In some cases drugs are the only solution, but in many cases I feel the development of chronic illness could be prevented if psychiatrists would genuinely look at the causes of peoples problems and help them solve those, instead of handing out receipts for heavy drugs after a 15 minute talk.