Anyone on haldol? Any side effects?

Im on haldol and i dont experience any side effects, besides some ticks and sudden muscle movements. I also read that it should be hard on sexual functions, but i did not notice anything changing. What is your experience with it?

I was on haldol for a while, had no side effects for several months until I suddenly developed akathisia.

How is that possible?

it’s called tardive akathisia, pretty rare though so I wouldnt worry

I was on 0.5 mg and later 1 mg for 41 years, small doses. Had sun sensitivity and my sleep got worse over the years, although that might have been from getting older.

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Were you only on haldol? Didnt use a 2nd Ap?

I was only on the small Haldol for 35 years. Took benzodiazapine add on for sleep for 6 years. Then added small Seroquel instead of benzo. Went off Haldol 7 months ago, on 100 Seroquel only now.

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I’ve been on 1mg haldol for 10 years. Actually some of the time was .5. What made you go off haldol? It’s worked the best of any of them for me.

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Yes that’s exactly the major side effect of haldol. It can give Parkinson like symptoms like ticks, tremor etc. Its contradicted in people who have comorbid catatonia like symptoms.

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I’m amazed that people say Haldol was even okay for them. Haldol was a living hell for me.

I went off Haldol to use Seroquel as monotherapy to try to improve sleep.

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Haldol rules :crazy_face:

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My hands shake on haldol. That’s about it though. I like haldol. I’ve been on it for years. A shot every two weeks. 125 mg