Anyone on geodon?

Just got switched from zyprexa to geodon. Anyone have good, bad or ugly with this medication?

I now function on a low dose of it. I regard it as one of my miracle meds. I do very well with it.

How was weight for you on it?

I’ve both gained and lost, but it seems to have more to do with the seasons and my day job where I sit all the time. Geodon itself is pretty weight neutral. Zyprexa was horrible, I had explosive weight gain on it. It’s not a drug I’ll ever allow in my body again even if I become desperately ill.

Geodon was a kind of miracle drug for me too

Helps me get to sleep in the am when I haven’t slept all night. I take half my dose in the am.

I was on Geodon for quite a while and it worked well. I remember hitting the maximum dose and then being abruptly taken off of it. I don’t remember why. Might ask to try it again.

Geodon for me may as well have been sugar pills. Not bad, not good. It was as if I took nothing. My dr ended up prescribing me 240 mg and it still didn’t do anything

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I took it for a bit, made me really restless. Didn’t seem to help symptoms. Hope it helps you