Anyone on clozapine?

What do y’all think of the med

My dose is in the process of getting increased

I was on it for a very short time. Less than a week I think. I had to be taken off of it. I didn’t notice any difference on it.

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That’s because meds don’t work that fast

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I’m on Clozapine. For me it works better than any other med I’ve tried but I still have bad paranoia and the voices are still pretty bad


I’m on clozapine 500mg. I wish I could change it. Don’t like the side effects.

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What side effects do you get?

@Crystal-Cotton, side effects are different for everyone. Don’t take what other people say as an excuse to not take your meds. @FatMama

Me also
I still get paranoia and voices so it’s not a wonder drug
But I will say I always get good night sleep

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I won’t I was just asking

i’m on a combination of 2 weekly risperdal consta 50mg shot and every day 200mg clozapine. It helps really well for me… takes away almost all positive symptoms.

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Theyre finally getting me off abilify maintena

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oh you going on something else? or just the clozapine now?

Just the clozapine i think

they gonna up the dose of the clozapine then? At least you won’t have to worry about the injections anymore then huh

yeah they gonna up that but idk by how much
Maybe i’ll find out tomorrow

I take 500mg of Clozapine a day. It helps me. :owl::owl::owl:

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The thing with clozapine for me is that I’m on 325 and they refuse to increase it because of risk of fits

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It definitely helps

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I would consider clozapine if amisulpride or risperidone fails. Amisulpride is powerful for positive symptoms.

I have been on clozapine since 7 years and i have developed alot of serious side effects. We are going on amisulpride now and tapering down clozapine.

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Whats amisulpride called in finland