Anyone into eckhart tolle?

I’m reading a New earth. It’s so nice, positive, and spiritual. I just wish these voices would be quiet and let me read.

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I like him. But I don’t really feel the need to read too many books. Just a few quotes that I contemplate and try to realize I find helps me.


Oprah treated him like he was the second coming of Christ and touted his book like it was the bible. She went on and on about his book about how it had all the answers to mankind’s problems. I found it vague and unhelpful. But hey, that’s only my humble opinion.
And to quote the wise words of Confusius.
“Opinions are like as*holes, everybodie’s got one”.

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Lmao! Either Confucius or platoon. Yeah the more I read the book last night, it seemed more like new age, half baked theories. It borrows from a lot of ancient religions, without credit. Makes a ton of grandiose claims without sources. “What we need now is a change of ideas.” ~ bad religion


Someone suggest I read up on this guy… Hear what he had to say… Never got around to it.

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Definitely read him to form your own opinion :slight_smile: your library probably has his books. Tolle is very popular, still. We’re all looking for answers. I fault no one for that. I hope he helps you out.

You know whenever I hear that some “spiritual” person is getting praise and is popular I doubt the validity of that person. Maybe it’s just me. He was even hailed as one of most “spiritual” persons. I don’t think in this current stage of human evolution that there are authorities that can claim someone as being the “most spiritual”. Certainly not the general populace.

Then some others pointed out that he’s quite well-to-do now with his fame that he’s acquired. So yeah – I wonder.


I typically look at most spiritual stuff as hokum…

But people can’t agree on anything… No doubt is anything ever going to be standardized…

Religious zealots have tried time and time again… But then it just becomes a futile battle of controlling people.

Most creatures have a strong innate drive for seeking freedom… Even taking to irrationality to maintain it. Human’s more so than other creatures…

Figure out that system and you might find yourself in a position to manipulate it.

But thats along the lines “the ultimate slave is the one who believes he is free.”


My sentiments about Tolle are similar. It strikes me as a “buy my book and give me more money and you’ll totally become enlightened” deal.

Hi Azley. Very intelligent observations. I definitely consider myself spiritual, but i’m 35, and I’m at a path in my life where I’m starting to really shy away from organized religion. I guess at the end of the day one has to do whatever works for them.

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