Anyone in the UK recieving PIP?


i am going to try and get this benefit as i am getting DLA just now

just very, very scared :frowning:

i’ve been looking at all the info regarding it and it is very scary

idk why i have to go through all of this again

it sucks, but i am hoping to get a bit more i guess,

what do you get?



I was actually going to ask for some advice on this matter.
I’m also living in the UK, and am not yet on any benefits.
Today, the Community Mental Health Nurse advised me to apply for DLA. I’ve no idea how to go about this. Is the Citizens Advice Bureaux the best place to get impartial advice? It seems like a very complicated process. Any UK folk with info on this?



I think it’s going to be harder to get it than DLA. They say at least 20% of current DLA claimants will lose out.

Certainly the drop in income if one fails to qualify will be a major stressor. I am dreading when i get switched. I think i will fail to qualify.



idk, as far as i know DLA is being fazed out in favour of PIP, its very complicated but my friend and i just paid a subscription for a website that helps to inform people about the changes and the process, it was £19.99 for a year but its worth it but i have to admit that we are both shitting ourselves about it, she thinks she will get nothing and i am worried i will lose everything,

i am going to try, first step is to ask my p/doc if he can help me, i do have a genuine disability so i am entitled to something and so has my friend, i just hope that my p/doc will help as they have been reluctant to help me lately :frowning: just got to keep my fingers crossed :smile:



I’m not from the UK I’m next door in Ireland, But over here when you don’t know what to do you go talk to a TD that repersents your community. He/She won’t help but they can suggest a path to take/ Where to start. If they don’t personally know then they will know someone who does know. Remember they work for you… they want your vote and will help

Hope this helps

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@Bugs Thanks. I live up north in Northern Ireland, which has a different benefits system to the rest of the UK.
I think my best course of action is to contact the local Citizens Advice Service. I’ve heard from others that they’re really good with providing help and advice.