Is anyone in the UK getting PIP benefit?


Did you find it difficult to get? What rate do you get?


not yet. it hasn’t been mentioned yet to me so still on d.l.a right now. i am very nervous about how the change and new interveiw will affect me and what it will mean financially. have you been contacted yet?


I’m on DLA aswell. I’m expecting them to contact me in the end of 2015.


fingers crossed eh…


I’ve resigned myself to failing to get it when the time comes. It’s badly geared to those with mental health problems. I will have to eat a lot of budget supermarket food . Call me the noodle king!


It shows how much they hate the physically disabled/mentally ill that they are making it harder to have a decent amount to live on. A civilised country would provide reasonable benefits for the physically disabled/mentally ill without pot luck over claiming PIP.

You would think we caused the financial crash and not the bankers.